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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What is Bitcoin OTC Brokers?

OTC is the abbreviation of over the counter. This is the off-exchange trading. This is the exchange with takes place within two parties.

This is suitable for dealing with the large volume of Bitcoin. The counterparty for the desired party is accessed. 

There are a various currency exchange platforms like the Coincheck, which have launched the over the counter services.

Wishful choosing OTC brokers can be lucrative. But due to the opaque nature of the OTC business, there is always the risk of getting dupe. These necessitate adequate research before investing in the over the counter brokers.

Some of the Reliable OTC Brokerage

Some of the Best OTC brokerage at the time of Writing is


This brokerage provides a large volume of trading at a fast, secure and competitive price. Its headquarter is located in the United States, San Francisco.

Genesis Trading

Genesis trading headquarter is situated in New York, NY, USA. It has a high trading volume, good support, same-day settlement, regulated by concern regulation.

Smart Contract

This OTC brokerage headquarters is located in Tokyo Japan. It proves competitive Fees, great trading strategies and good asset management.

Octagon Strategy

This is the OTC brokerage with the headquarter in Hong Kong, China. This brokerage provides enhance security, low transaction fees, Instant price quotes, Private chat, same-day settlement followed by the private chat group.

Element Trading

This OTC brokerage is located in The Santa Monica, United State. It is the Algorithm based OTC trading. Further, its transparent nature combined with the research insight provides great benefits for traders.


The over the counter brokerage is located in Boston, USA. It also has worldwide offices, which are located in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Boston.

The trading volume is high and is backed by established investors.

Kenetic Capital

This OTC brokerage is located in Hong Kong, China. It offers quantitative and qualitative trade analysis, has experience in trading, good reputation.


Over the counter, (OTC) brokerage are suitable for trading a large volume of crypto coin. There are various platforms that offer services. Adequate analysis of the platform is vital to obtain success.

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