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Monday, August 12, 2019

The Best Hardware Wallet For Storing Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency with high market capitalization. This is the cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology.

It lacks the central authority. It can be mined by using sophisticated hardware device.

The miners are responsible for transection, managing network secure and generation of the new coin.

It was developed by the unknown author coined SatoshiNakamoto.

Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is used in storing the Bitcoins. The public address and private key are stored in the Bitcoin Wallet. The hot or warm wallet is connected to the Internet and is not considered secure. A cold wallet is not connected to the Internet all the time hence consider secure.

Different types of a wallet hardware wallet are considered as most secure and are frequently used in storing a large volume of Bitcoin. They store the information or key offline and prevent hackers from accessing assets.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

The official website shows five Hardware wallets available for the Bitcoin storage. They are BitBox, ColdCard, KeepKey, Ledger Nano S, and Trezor.

Ledger Nano X      

This is considered as the safe hardware wallet in storing the Bitcoin. This is credited for being the first independently certified wallet circulating in the Market.

It has enhanced security, built-in secure chip for optimum performance.

This hardware can also be used in storing other cryptocurrency available in the market.

This hardware device can cost around $ 59.


This is the highly praised hardware wallet with great consumer reviews. The enhance security followed by the storage capacity for multiple cryptos is the reason for massive popularity.

It is one of the expensive hardware wallets which the price around $79.


This is the most popular hardware wallet launched in the year 2014. The benefit of using Trezor is that it can be used in the compromised computer.

This is the top-rated hardware device with the price up to $159 depending on the model.


The official website claimed to be the Ultra-secure Bitcoin Wallet. It also has the backup function by encrypted MicroSD card.

The price of the Cold card wallet is around $70.


This is Switzerland made a top-rated hardware wallet. Emphasis is given to the privacy and security of the device.

This price can be as low as $ 27.99 in amazon.


Bitcoin can be stored in the hardware wallet. Although buying the hardware wallet can be expensive but it worth the investment. As they store the information offline which keeps the intruders away.

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