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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Masternodes Crypto Coins

The computer wallet or cryptocurrency full node that keeps the complete copy of the blockchain in real life is coined as the Masternode.

The functionalities of Masternode are different from the normal nodes.

Masternode is vital to maintaining the privacy of transactions, enables treasury and budgeting systems in cryptocurrency, participating in voting and others. 

Masternode is considered as the best way to make a handsome amount of money in the Cryptosphere.

Function of Masternode

The Masternode are responsible for enabling specific services that the miners under the proof of work cannot accomplish.

The Masternode operators do not corrupt the system if he does he will be punished by devaluation the HODL.

Mining and Masternode

Mining requires sophisticated hardware devices, technical skills, and heavy investment.

On the other hand, low investment is required to operate the Masternode.

The return on investment is calculated on the basis of percentage yield against investment.  The Masternode is rewarded with the Crypto coins.

Requirement to Participate

It is vital to have a minimum amount of coin as per the currency. A dedicated IP Address, VPS server which runs 24 / 7 and the storage space for blockchain.

Not all the Crypto supports the Masternode this needs to be taken seriously.

Masternode Coin

There are various coins which support the Master Node Some of them are Chaincoin (CHC), Dash (DASH), Pivx (PIVX), SmartCash (SMART), Zcoin (XZC), Bulwark (BWK) and others

Masternode coins are the crypto which implements Masternode in their protocol.

Useful for Crypto Investors

This is highly useful for investors as incentivized upon the running of the master node. This can be called as the smart passive income approach as a reward is on the basis of a monthly and weekly income.


Masternode can be lucrative options to invest in. There are currencies, which support the master nodes. Although its operation requires initial investment it can be a great source of passive income. It is vital to calculate the return on investment before investing in Masternode. Adequate understating on Masternode is vital to obtain maximum profit. 

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