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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What is "HODL" Cryptocurrency World?

HODL of Hodl is simply the holding of the cryptocurrency. This is originated from the commonly used word ‘hold”.  This is true for Bitcoin and other currencies.

The strategy involved in the HOLD is to buy the cryptocurrency and hold it for a considerably longer period of time until it gets lucrative.

Usually in the forum, Reddit trend, Telegram groups and others online group use this terminology in communication.

The word HODL come into existence in the year 2013.

Some of the Common Jargon in Crypto World


This is a popular term in the crypto world. The whale refers to as the Bitcoin or other crypto wallets, which holds a considerable amount of crypto coin.

Usually, the larger volume of transection from the unknown wallet is a buzz in the crypto world. This has the ability to influence the price of a crypto coin.


A trader with a flat account and has the bearish trading price.

To The Moon

Price of Bitcoin will reach the all-time high.


This is referred to as the rise in the price of cryptocurrency and is suitable for investors.


Price of Crypto will fall in no time. It is not favorable for investors.


The public address of Cryptocurrency is abbreviated as ADDY.


This is generally referred to as the fear of missing out.


This is referred to as the all-time high. When the cryptocurrency break all the old record in price.


The person holding cryptocurrency for a longer period of time and faces consequence of holding.


All the coin other than Bitcoin is referred to as AlTCOIN.


Investors are hit by the losses due to downfall in the price of crypto. Wrecked is misspelled as REKT.


This is commonly referred to as fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This is generally referred to as the uncertainty in investors.


The country china is referred to as the CHOYNA. As China has huge impact in the SWING of cryptocurrency.


Upward and downward price movement is commonly referred to as the Swing.

Reverse Indicator

Anyone misinterpreting the price movement in a given time.


Technical Analysis is commonly referred to as the TA.


This is referred to as the Market Capitalization.


This is the frequently used term that refers to as the do your own research.

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