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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Best Gaming - Based Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Cryptocurrency is the digital currency based on the blockchain technology. The crypto used in the gambling site is known as Gaming Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is solving recurrent problems in the gaming industry. Due to the profitable nature, a new cryptocurrency is emerging in the gaming industry.

There are some lucrative crypto to invest which can be profitable to invest.

Some of the Best Gaming Cryptocurrency


This is by far the top-rated gaming cryptocurrency with a high market cap. It works on the Ethereum platform.

Enjin Coin

This is considered as the Largest Gaming community online. Enjin Coin  (ENJ) is the cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform. Enjin Coin is the mobile wallet.


This came into existence in the year 2017. This is the Ethereum based token.

Tournament, content creator and others are rewarded on the MobileGo platform.


The GameCredits (GAME) was initially coined as the Gamercoin (GMC) that came into existence in the year 2015.

It is simply the Game Payment currency for Gamers.


This is the decentralized platform for the decentralized gig economy. It is formerly known as Bitmaker. Some of the tasks include testing new products and services, testing Peer to peer freelancing work, watching videos and others.

The rewards on Strom are generated in the form of ‘blots’.


This is the platform that allows creating, sharing and playing virtual reality games around the globe.

The motive of the RevolutionVR is to Make Virtual Reality Games accessible to gamers at a minimal cost.


DreamTeam is the payment gateway for the gamers and escorts. It is also the infrastructure platform.


This is the competitive gaming tournament platform lets player to win a game. Being the decentralized platform it is built on the Ethereum platform.

The motive of FirstBlood is to make the eSports industry efficient and transparent.


There is various crypto centralized in the gaming industry. Predominately based on the Ethereum platform. Some can be rewarding to invest especially in the long run.

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