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Friday, August 16, 2019

Buy Bitcoin Directly From Person

Bitcoin is one of the dominant cryptocurrency and has been around for decades. Due to this various individuals around have kept a significant portion of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be bought from currency exchange platform, Bitcoin ATM, and directly from Person.

Buying Bitcoin from a currency exchange platform and BitcoinATM requires a huge amount of fees. Further, some exchange platform report to the concerned authority, which poses the risk of taxation.

Although buying directly from the person involves risks. There are various websites available in assisting the buying of Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin from the person involves fewer commission fees. Further, Personal identity is kept secure.

Bitcoin Marketplace for Person to Person

Some of the platforms which offer this service are 


This is one of the popular and most recommended websites to buy LocalBitcoins. This is located in Finland. It was founded in the year 2012.

The users search for specific coins and methods of payment. Depending on the location the availability of a given volume of currency and preferred method of payment varies.

The official site claimed to be a fast and secure site. It has the quick buy and sell options.

Some users required initial transection. It is safe to do transection with the verified users.


The user needs to do a cash deposit in the account before buying Bitcoin on this Platform. This is often conserved as the fastest and safest Bitcoin trading platform. Western Union, MoneyGram and other indirect transact is available.


Over the counter market, this place is considered a safe place to buy Bitcoin.

Wall of Coins

This is peer to Peer site, which allows the selling, and buying of Bitcoin with ease.
This platform offers great service in connecting buying and sellers.


This is the France based cryptocurrency exchange platform. This offers the opportunity to buy and sell the crypto.


Anyone wishing to meet the person needs to arrange a location in a public place. Further, adequate lucubration of the site is vital in minimizing the dupe.


There are various ways to buy Bitcoin. Among them is buying from individuals. There are various platforms that host the peer to Peer buying and selling.

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