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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bitcoin Earning Apps

Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency with high market capitalization. This is a peer-to-peer network with the absence of central authority.

The immense popularity of Bitcoin initiate in the production of numerous crypto coin.

Bitcoin network has open ledger where the public address is visible. Miners facilitate the transaction, secure network, and generate new coins.

Bitcoin is generated upon mining with the sophisticated hardware device. There are several ways to earn Bitcoin. One of them is from Mobile Application.

Using Mobile app is one of the fun ways of earning a small amount of bitcoin. This might not be suitable for the one seriously interested in earning Bitcoin.

Some of the Best App for Earning Bitcoin


Coinbase is the dominant currency exchange site, which reward Bitcoin. The reward is based on the completion of small activities.


This is the popular mobile app that pays Bitcoin upon completion of various tasks. The withdraw are available through PayPal.


This is a great place to earn Bitcoin. This offers the invest opportunity and the interest rate can be high up to 6.5 percent.


This is the Faucet application, which allows the earning of the Bitcoin. This is suitable for beginners.

Blockchain Game

Bitcoin Aliens develop the blockchain game. Bitcoin is rewarded on the basis of playing the game.

Bitcoin Billionaire

This is the free clicker mobile app, which rewards Bitcoin.


These apps pay Bitcoin for referral, playing games and others activities.

Storm Pay   

Upon review the product of different companies the cryptocurrency is rewarded.


This is the financial app, which rewards Bitcoin on the basis of playing game and others.

 Alien Run

The great app gets the opportunity to collect free Bitcoin by playing games.


This mobile application rewards Bitcoin for exercise.

Due to the surge in the use of the smartphone, a significant number of individuals are showing interest in making Bitcoin on a mobile device. There is a few mobile application which can be used earning free Bitcoin.

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