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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Popular Website to Buy Bitcoin Instantly By Using Card

Bitcoins can be bought from Visa, MasterCard, or other types of cards with ease. Cards are the most used method of payment.

Buying Bitcoin by using the card can be expensive due to high charges.

Due to the surge in the popularity of Cryptocurrency now a days Bitcoins can be bought with ease in varied ways.

The charges vary with the exchange platform. It is essential to precisely calculate the amount of charge for the individual platform.

Anyone practicing buying Bitcoin from the Credit card needs to start buying in a small amount.

Some of the Best Practice

There are gluts of currency exchange platform that offers the Bitcoin buying services. It is vital to deposit money or to link the credit card to the concerned platform. Depositing money is preferred instead of linking the bank account.


CoinMama is one of the best platforms to buy Bitcoin by using a Credit Card. It was started in the year 2013.

It is limited to the United States. The benefit of using this platform is that it does not limit users to Bitcoin purchasing numbers.

This does not offer wallet due to this wallet needs to be signup before purchase.

First, the Bitcoin needed to buy is choose, it directed the signup page, Photo verification is required. After verification, it is essential to enter the Bitcoin address and payment details that are card information.


This is one of the popular cryptocurrency platforms to buy a digital coin. Creating the Coinbase account requires mail id, phone number, and password.

In the payment method card information needs to be added. Coinbase has its own hot wallet, which can be used to store a small amount of Bitcoin.


Binance is one of the reputable platforms to buy the Bitcoin by using a Credit Card. In reality, it is the most popular crypto exchange platform.

It offers worldwide service.


CoinCorner is a great platform to buy cryptocurrency especially by the one interested in a mobile transaction. It has a mobile app to support payment. It was established in the year 2014.


eToro is considered as the ideal platform to buy the crypto. This is due to the low price of the Etoro platform.


Bitpanda was established in 2014. This offers services to the European Union Citizens. Its low fees are appealing to various users.


Coinhouse is one of the reputable companies to buy Bitcoin. It offers services to various European Union Citizens.


Indacoin is the United Kingdom-based platform available worldwide. It is criticized for having high fees.

The official website claims that it does not charge any fees but fees are high due to the credit card processing charge.

Opening account is a simple process and phone number along with the Five digital code in the credit card statement needs to be verified.

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