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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The 10 Most Popular Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the valuable cryptocurrency. This is due to a surge in the price of Bitcoin. Due to this everyone wants to keep the Bitcoin.

To get the free Bitcoin one needs to have the Bitcoin address which can be obtained easily by opening accounts on the currency exchange platform like Coinbase.

There are some lucid ways to make the Bitcoin some of the most applicable ones are summarized below.

Free Bitcoin.

The popular way to get free Bitcoin is

1. Using Browser

Browser like the Crypto tab has the mining function innate. Installing the browser automatically generates the Crypto coin.

Further, the high reward in the referral helps in earning Bitcoin especially for the one with a large number of audiences.

2.  Referrals

Currency exchange platform like the Coinbase rewards the individual based on the referral. The currency exchange platform gives $10 for every referral. It is available when the referral has $100 on the bank account.

3. Asking Bitcoin

Bloggers and YouTubers ask for the Bitcoin in the description section of the video. Anyone interested can make the donation.

4. Online Survey

Various sites around the Internet pay Bitcoin on the basis of filling the survey.  Sites like Coin Bucks rewards Bitcoin upon completion of a task.

5.  Mobile App

Some mobile apps like dApp rewards based on doing various activities.

6. Earn While Shopping

Few companies’ rewards with the Bitcoin while shopping online.

7. Playing Games

Various games reward the small fraction of Bitcoin upon successful completion of the game.

8. Affiliate Program

There is a various platform which pays the Bitcoin on the affiliate program.

9. Article Writing

Anyone with great article writing skills can make a handsome amount of money by submitting with the Crypto Publications. The article needs to be promotional.

10. Playing Lottery

Various lottery sites reward Bitcoin for users. It is essential to make a careful decision while indulging in the lottery.

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